Happy Birthday Original Tea Party!!!

Yes true patriots, today is the 236th anniversary of that daring foray into telling the government to “stick it!”, the original Boston Tea Party. There is a Fox News story where the telling comment is “

By the 1760s, American colonists consumed more than a million pounds of tea each year. Britain, which produced the stuff in India, should have been swimming in revenues from the trade. But taxes and regulation, as they often do, fouled the situation.
Think that happens here in America? Today? As it has from time eternal? Reminds me of Pemex, the Mexican oil company, that when oil hit a peak a couple of years ago, was losing money.
Always remember, there is nothing that Big Government can’t, and won’t, screw up.
Gotta love the Sons of Liberty!
Now, go have a nice cup of joe and toast the SOL.

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Christian, patriot, old enough to know better, young and daring enough to do it anyhow.
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