Even atheists will have a "come to Jesus" time

I make no bones that I’m a born again Christian. There are a number of references in Scripture that state there is a time certain when “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father”. Even satan and all demons will bow and confess to this all pervading and ultimate truth. I’ve stated a number of times that the truth is, has been and will always be hard, inflexible, inviolate. That the truth wills out always. Seems Governor-elect Jerry Brown is facing what all lefties will ultimately have to face and acknowledge: the complete collapse of their economic system and beliefs as the glaring truth and final reality of real world economics hits them center-point at the brow ridge.
Brown says referring to his upcoming budget proposal “
We’ve been living in a fantasy world.It’s much worse than I thought A brutally hard admission for a lefty. Brown goes on to state, in a rare moment of intellectual honesty that he’ll-“ deliver a budget free of any of the gimmickry that both the executive branch and lawmakers have used to pass budgets this year.

Brown cited the LAO’s estimate that at least 75% of the solutions used to bring the last three state budgets into balance were either short-term in nature or failed to materialize, without addressing the long-term structural imbalance between spending and revenue. ” (emphasis mine). In other words, the radical left-wing, beholden to the unions and especially the public employee unions Democrat controlled legislature was completely out of touch with economic reality and truth… for at least three budget cycles. And they, and Governor-elect Brown must now face the hard, harsh, inflexible , inviolate real, adult world of real world economics. Well, at least brown acknowledges hard truth. Whether or not he really acts on it is another issue.

Now don’t get me wrong. Governor Herr Terminator also refused to live in the real world and has his fingerprints all over these past budgets and now current problems/crisis. If Governor-elect Brown truly pulls this off, I’ll be one amazed conservative. After all , he’ll need to pull along a large number of “it has to happen this way because I say it will happen this way” ultra left wing Democrats in the California state legislature. And good luck with that!

Even more scary, California is a small world example of Congress.

One can kick the can down the road just so many times.

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