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1 person or 3 now rule America

As I read and listen to the oral arguments before SCOTUS, I am reminded of something that occurred to me on the D.C. vs Heller decision in June 2008: That decision went 5-4 with Justice Kennedy again being the swing vote. But, … Continue reading

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Local Article of Savage Council Spending

I am a columnist for the local paper. Here is the article I wrote for the Savage Pacer Community Voices: City should stop playing funding games Most of my older columns are available if you search.  

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Robert's "Robert's Rules" Q&A

After last few conventions, have had a few people ask me about learning Robert’s Rules. So I figure I will do a few post ever now and then on Rules and questions that people have. Feel free to use comments … Continue reading

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SD51 Election Results – Soon

I will post a link to the SD51 Delegate election results as soon as I have them available. Thanks you again for letting me chair your meeting. Update: Looks like facebook page is up Update: Delegate Results are posted on … Continue reading

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56A CD/State Delegate Elections

Results for 56A CD/State Delegate Elections.  D = Delegate, A# = Alternate and Rank. I will post link to official site once I know what it is. Here is link to Facebook Page for SD56 (Click Picture to enlarge)  

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