Why NPR (National Public Radio) needs to be defunded now

As I was driving home this evening, I heard this clip (click on the “Listen to the Story” link to hear the full audio) from NPR played uninterrupted. It was Daisy Hernandez commenting on her hearing about the horrible mass murder in Tucson.
I have never heard a more coldly racist monologue from a more arrogant person in my life. If this woman is not fired immediately (after the firing of Juan Williams) I would consider it nothing short of a public affront to the victims of this tragedy.
Please read the comments that follow the text of this pure human waste this woman blurts out.

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Oh the ironicalness!

Ya gotta admit, sometimes The Daily Show does really expose the radical hypocrisy of the lefties.
San Francisco has banned McDonald’s Happy Meals. The Daily Show is on it.
For me the deep irony highlight comes when the Assemblyman was asked about a law regarding NetFlix (starting about 3:15). Too much irony, too much!!! (HT HotAir)

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Even atheists will have a "come to Jesus" time

I make no bones that I’m a born again Christian. There are a number of references in Scripture that state there is a time certain when “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father”. Even satan and all demons will bow and confess to this all pervading and ultimate truth. I’ve stated a number of times that the truth is, has been and will always be hard, inflexible, inviolate. That the truth wills out always. Seems Governor-elect Jerry Brown is facing what all lefties will ultimately have to face and acknowledge: the complete collapse of their economic system and beliefs as the glaring truth and final reality of real world economics hits them center-point at the brow ridge.
Brown says referring to his upcoming budget proposal “
We’ve been living in a fantasy world.It’s much worse than I thought A brutally hard admission for a lefty. Brown goes on to state, in a rare moment of intellectual honesty that he’ll-“ deliver a budget free of any of the gimmickry that both the executive branch and lawmakers have used to pass budgets this year.

Brown cited the LAO’s estimate that at least 75% of the solutions used to bring the last three state budgets into balance were either short-term in nature or failed to materialize, without addressing the long-term structural imbalance between spending and revenue. ” (emphasis mine). In other words, the radical left-wing, beholden to the unions and especially the public employee unions Democrat controlled legislature was completely out of touch with economic reality and truth… for at least three budget cycles. And they, and Governor-elect Brown must now face the hard, harsh, inflexible , inviolate real, adult world of real world economics. Well, at least brown acknowledges hard truth. Whether or not he really acts on it is another issue.

Now don’t get me wrong. Governor Herr Terminator also refused to live in the real world and has his fingerprints all over these past budgets and now current problems/crisis. If Governor-elect Brown truly pulls this off, I’ll be one amazed conservative. After all , he’ll need to pull along a large number of “it has to happen this way because I say it will happen this way” ultra left wing Democrats in the California state legislature. And good luck with that!

Even more scary, California is a small world example of Congress.

One can kick the can down the road just so many times.

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Happy Birthday Original Tea Party!!!

Yes true patriots, today is the 236th anniversary of that daring foray into telling the government to “stick it!”, the original Boston Tea Party. There is a Fox News story where the telling comment is “

By the 1760s, American colonists consumed more than a million pounds of tea each year. Britain, which produced the stuff in India, should have been swimming in revenues from the trade. But taxes and regulation, as they often do, fouled the situation.
Think that happens here in America? Today? As it has from time eternal? Reminds me of Pemex, the Mexican oil company, that when oil hit a peak a couple of years ago, was losing money.
Always remember, there is nothing that Big Government can’t, and won’t, screw up.
Gotta love the Sons of Liberty!
Now, go have a nice cup of joe and toast the SOL.

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What I learned from Al Franken

I was asked to be involved in the Emmer/Dayton recount. I was a Floor Captain for Scott County. It was my job to organize and watch over the process as it evolved.
I keep reading the comments in Prairie Pravda from all the Dayton flacks who seemingly fail to understand that the recount is not the Emmer campaign’s idea. It’s required by law. Dayton’s poorly educated lemmings seem to miss this point. They also whine and moan about “frivolous” ballots.
I challenged a number of ballots Monday and Tuesday. And all I did was use the Franken Ballot Challenging Primer (2008 edition).
So, Senator Franken, thanks for the training material.

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Even yacht owners!

Not knowing that my two entries this week would involve boats, there is this story about how even the uber rich (well, at least those who marry the ones who married the uber rich) seem to appreciate money…when it comes to their own at least.
Seems that Senator John and Teresa (Heinz) Kerry prefer not to “invest” their money into the local Massachusetts taxing authority.

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What I learned about economics from dinghys

Ponder, if you would, the two images below:

I’ve raced sailboats for over a quarter century. The sailor who taught me to sail and race raced on boats similar to the ones on the right. He raced in a class named SORC (Southern Ocean Racing Conference). These are multi-million dollar boats, crewed by a dozen or more. The next class up would be America’s Cup racers. In other words, these are serious sailors. The boat he raced on was the SORC Class winner for years.
When Bob introduced me to sailing, we sailed a 22 foot Creekmore. It was an aluminum hull, fractional rig boat. Lots of fun! But, here’s what I learned about sailing: a dinghy went along with the Creekmore. It was similar to the boat on the left-small, single sail, center board. When Bob said he needed to tune up his sailing skills, or he thought that he needed to get in back to sailing basics, he said he’d go out on the dinghy. He said to remember that all the forces, all the fluid flow dynamics (air and water as a sailboat sails through two fluids)
are exactly the same for a small boat as for a large boat.The Bernoulli Principle applies for any and all sailboats. When
the tiller gets pulled or pushed, the fluid dynamics across the rudder are the same. When the sail is either trimmed in or eased, air flow principles are exactly the same. Laminar flow and separation along the hull don’t care if the hull is aluminum, fiberglass, wood or carbon fiber. Physical laws are always obeyed. And it occurs to me, the same can be said of economics.
If in your family (or you as an individual) spend more than you take in, you go into debt. The further you go into debt, the lower your credit score and it costs you more to borrow to fund that debt (that cost is called “interest” which is a reflection of the risk that the lender is taking in lending to you). It will eventually get to the point where no one will lend to you, at any interest rate as it becomes apparent that the lender will never get the full value of the loan returned. The same principles apply to national economics. The only difference is that the government has the force of law to use to get its way.
It can also print money and force its boss (the citizen) to pay more to it via taxes, tariffs, fees. You can not force your boss to pay you more and you can not print money. None-the-less, the laws of economics, like the Bernoulli Principle and fluid dynamics, are inviolate and not a respecter of an individual, families or governments.

We have inexperienced, arrogant helmsmen with their hands on the tiller that controls the rudder. They refuse to learn to sail or to heed the advice of experienced sailors. They are resolute in saying nothing of the lighthouse they passed sometime ago.They ignore the warning buoys and the readily visible wrecks of previous governments on the rocks and shoals of socialism, Keynesian economics and government intrusions.

If only they would be the only ones that drown when the wreck occurs.

Time for one of two things to occur: either experienced sailors take over the helm. Or it’s time to man the lifeboats.

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SCOTUS redux two years later

After a long hiatus, I find it interesting that my first entry is basically a link to an entry I wrote almost exactly two years ago. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), in its typical year end flurry of decisions, came to a conclusion regarding the MacDonald 2nd Amendment case out of Chicago. Chicago, for years, has had some of the most stringent anti 2nd Amendment laws in America. And to go along with that distinction, Chicago was also the murder capitol of the United States for many years. But, again, my comments are not on the case itself but rather that the case decision was, again, 5-4.

The historic part of the decision is an amalgam: for the second time in over two centuries, the SCOTUS has ruled on the 2nd Amendment plus, for the first time as to whether it is an incorporated right. SCOTUS has a very long record of rulings on the 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment and the 5th Amendment. The incredible legal twistings and rationales regarding the 1st Amendment over decades is truly breathtaking. I am so often reminded as of late what that great activist SCOTUS jurist (“great” being an adjective modifying “activist” not “jurist”) Thurgood Marshall stated:” You do what you think is right and let the law catch up.” (One word: YIKES! ) So, with all that activist sentiment regarding the incorporation principle for the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment remained an orphan of decisions. Until now.

I’ve tried to remind my readers that so many people confuse what the Constitution is all about. They confuse the concept of a “federal” versus a “national” Constitution. The Constitution was all about establishing but more importantly restricting this newly created federal government. With the arrival of the 14th Amendment and its “due process” clause, the Constitution was on its way to becoming national, not just federal in some defiance of the 10th Amendment (aka Amendment X BTW). With this “due process” clause as background, there were four SCOTUS jurists that failed to find further incorporation to protect the citizens under the Constitution.

I am once again very distressed to learn that my unalienable rights hang on the decision of just one Supreme Court jurist. And as I predicted, the fight goes on as witnessed by Mayor Daley and his fight against Chicago citizens defending themselves.

It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt. John Philpot Curran

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Blogger Making me move

Have to find a new Blog Update source but in the short term we will be at a new location:

This blog is now located at http://savagerepublican.blogspot.com/.
You will be automatically redirected in 30 seconds, or you may click here.

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Walk for Life

While everyone is at the GOP Convention I will also be helping raise money for the Alpha Walkf for Life

Walk for Life

Also, look for a new redesign of Site to come Soon!

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