Unofficial Savage Savage Straw Poll Results


Santorum 111
Paul 81
Romney 76
Gingrich 30
Other 1

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Caucus Season Beings

With redistricting still not complete, we are not sure what things will look like, but given the population growth in Scott County will we get a least one if not more new house seats.

So the candidates are starting to identify themselves.

Here is an article about some:

Two more confirm they’re in for legislative races Savage Pacer

and one of the Candidates Sites




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An absolute must see!

I posted this in September, but the youtube link was pulled for I assume copyright infringement for the accompanying song after over 1,000,000 views.Anyhow, some enterprising poster re-posted with the same song. I have watched this video at least 100 times. I still laugh and cry each time I watch it.



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This election and three VERY important names

I’ve heard many times in the past eight election cycles that “this is the most important election ever”. This time chicken little just may be right.

A couple of times someone has mentioned, and last night Mitt Romney repeated that if you think Obama is radical now, imagine what he’ll be like in a second term.

But, there is another item that catches my attention. Something that will ensure that the second term radicalism of an Obama administration will live far beyond 2017 and destroy America.  Three names: Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas.

Assume a second Obama administration and therefore court appointments. Justice Ginsburg is ill and the prevalent thought is that she’ll retire within the next year or so. Obama would appoint another activist jurist like the “wise Latina” so that appointment would be a wash. However, Justice Kennedy is 75, as is Justice Scalia. May they live to be a 100 and serve as long. But, 75 is 75. Justice Thomas is 63. Should any of these three men become ill and/or choose to retire, Obama will appoint an activist jurist and the 5-4 decision (Kennedy being the critical swing vote, nearly always) for such decisions as D.C. vs. Heller will be a 5-4 overturn when similar cases come before the court. Critical 5-4 decisions from the past will find themselves in front of the Court again for reversal. New Obama Executive Orders, recess appointments, czar appointments, ObamaCare and all it portends will all be found “constitutional” for decades. And that would just be the tip of the iceberg.

That is what I see as the great danger to the Republic.

That is what I see makes this the most critical election I’ve ever been involved with or seen.

By the way,according to our weblog metrics, this post is our 1,000th post since the inception in 2005 of Thanks for your readership over the years.

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My new favorite quote

Grey’s Law “Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.” Explains why I loathe all the feel good “Even if it helps one person it’s worth it” et al acts meant to address the sob stories or the “we have to do something!!” testimonies that get paraded before law making bodies.

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My friends are dying…

I’ve been delinquent in writing about my WWII veteran friends. Very delinquent. Shame on me.
In the past 4 months, I’ve lost 5 of my WWII veteran friends:

Earl Joswick waist gunner, B-17, 8th Air Force, POW, survivor of the Long March

Don Kent, radio operator, B-17, 8th Air Force

Don Geng, ball turret gunner, B-17, 8th Air Force, POW, survivor of the Long March

Ted Murphy, Navy pilot, Wildcat, CVE 70, Taffy 3 , battle of Samar

Dave Dahlberg, flight engineer and top turret gunner, B-17, 8th Air Force.

I’ve written before that when I joined the 8th Air Force Historical Society ten years ago, I knew that I would get closer to these guys, know them better and it would hurt more and more as they passed on. As my brother said , in a reference to combat missions “We knew the mission was dangerous when we took it.” I knew this would be the case when I joined. And the value of knowing these men is worth far, far more than more than my cost in pain and tears. And I watch them go from being old to being frail to missing lunches to passing away.

My Dad once said that you can get used to anything. You may not like it, but you can get used to it.

Dad was right.

I am getting used to my WWII friends dying…but I don’t like it.

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OK, I Don't Like It Either, But…

I’ve gone back and forth on the debt/deficit/disaster debate. It wasn’t going to pretty no matter what. I thought what might work would be forcing the issue by saying “NO” to any new ceiling and quoting then Senator Barack Obama in 2006 when voting not to raise the debt limit ceiling “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure… Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally…Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” Wow…kind of sounds like those Tea Party terrorists. Who knew they and the President had so much in common? But I digress.
So, the deal is done. Everyone complains. One thing I strongly disagree with is the way the unConstituional Super Committee will take cuts depending on “triggers”: 50% from social programs, 50% from defense. Now, as defense is first of all a Constitutional requirement and is only 20% of the budget, the cuts should be proportional-80% from social, 20% from defense. But here is the crux, and I agree with Jason Lewis on a number of points:
1. We didn’t get here overnight. We didn’t get here in a decade. This day has been coming for at least 70+ years (FDR) and the case can be made that it started under Wilson with the 16th, 17th Amendments (tax and direct election of Senators) and the Federal Reserve. Perhaps even back to Teddy Roosevelt as he plowed the ground Wilson planted in. We won’t stop this in a week, month or year.
2. The Tea Party is part of a caucus of one of two parties in one house of one branch of a three branches of our republic (not a democracy). The Democrats are in control of the other part (the Senate) and in control of the White House. We were not going to get what we wanted. Period!! Charles Krauthammer has an excellent article on the debate, its meaning and also gives us conservatives a warning. We are at the midway point in the great debate regarding how the United States will look with Barack Obama as President. From a “Hope and Change” and stopping the oceans from raising and healing the nations souls we now have a President who cringed and whose overreaching in complicity with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid elicited a Tea Party sponsored takeover of the House of Representatives and shaved off a few Senate seats in the bargain. But, the conservatives are still in control of one half of one house of one of three branches. Krauthammer’s salient point is “
Given this reality, trying to force the issue — trying to turn a blocking minority into a governing authority — is not just counter-constitutional in spirit but self-destructive in practice.
3.Given Kraut♦hammer’s statement and the Tea Party victory in the 2010 election should give us real impetus to take back the Senate and the White House in 2012. THAT is the key battle. It also lends and points to a very, VERY important fact regarding the 3rd branch, the Supreme Court of the United States. With Justice Ginsburg in ill health, Justice Kennedy rumored to be considering retirement, and the possibility of Scalia and maybe even Thomas looking at leaving the bench, winning the White House (as the constitutional appointing authority) and the Senate (the constitutional approving authority) is nothing short of absolutely imperative. With winning the White House and Senate we can began the rollback and recapture of the real America. My concern is that conservatives and Tea Party members will take their ball and go home, leaving us with a possible re-run of 2008. Should that happen, we will most certainly be doomed.
So, Tea Party people, as Krauthammer said this is making sausage, and we are not happy with the deal, it is a victory.
As Churchill said “This is not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. But it is the end of the beginning.”
It takes miles to stop a train or an aircraft carrier before you can turn it around.
We need to focus on the fact that like that train or aircraft carrier, we have started the slowdown.
It will take time to turn around.

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Memorial Day Revisted

From five years ago, my thoughts on our real heroes .

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A ponderable question…

OK, Spanky, help me here: I see that the President is considering pulling oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because oil and therefore gasoline prices are escalating, and this move will thereby bring prices down.
Okay…so if MORE oil (aka increasing “Supply”) brings down the price of oil, explain to me WHY we aren’t DRILLING for MORE oil right here in America(thereby INCREASING supply) which it seems, if I follow the Administration’s thinking , would bring DOWN prices, which they seem to want.
I’m open for an explanation here kids.

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As we hear that the Egyptian ruling party is entertaining the the representatives of the “religion of peace”, we have a foretaste of what to expect from those people from the “religion of peace” from this article . So, of course SOS Clinton and the balance of the BHO Admin are calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to join the negotiations. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

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