This election and three VERY important names

I’ve heard many times in the past eight election cycles that “this is the most important election ever”. This time chicken little just may be right.

A couple of times someone has mentioned, and last night Mitt Romney repeated that if you think Obama is radical now, imagine what he’ll be like in a second term.

But, there is another item that catches my attention. Something that will ensure that the second term radicalism of an Obama administration will live far beyond 2017 and destroy America.  Three names: Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas.

Assume a second Obama administration and therefore court appointments. Justice Ginsburg is ill and the prevalent thought is that she’ll retire within the next year or so. Obama would appoint another activist jurist like the “wise Latina” so that appointment would be a wash. However, Justice Kennedy is 75, as is Justice Scalia. May they live to be a 100 and serve as long. But, 75 is 75. Justice Thomas is 63. Should any of these three men become ill and/or choose to retire, Obama will appoint an activist jurist and the 5-4 decision (Kennedy being the critical swing vote, nearly always) for such decisions as D.C. vs. Heller will be a 5-4 overturn when similar cases come before the court. Critical 5-4 decisions from the past will find themselves in front of the Court again for reversal. New Obama Executive Orders, recess appointments, czar appointments, ObamaCare and all it portends will all be found “constitutional” for decades. And that would just be the tip of the iceberg.

That is what I see as the great danger to the Republic.

That is what I see makes this the most critical election I’ve ever been involved with or seen.

By the way,according to our weblog metrics, this post is our 1,000th post since the inception in 2005 of Thanks for your readership over the years.

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  1. Gramma Karen says:

    Your remarks, as usual, are succinct and right on…albeit depressing. We gotta win this one!

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