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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A better way or why BHO is surrounded by idiots

Yesterday I was coming back from a doctors appointment and was listening to Glenn Beck as he was describing "his accepting the prize","how this would have been a pinnacle moment if there had been any other significant achievements". It took me about two miles to realize "Obama's been awarded"(not won)"the Nobel Peace Prize !!! WHAAAAATTTT???" Beck went on to say that this awarding of the Peace Prize does nothing now but highlight the ineptitude and arrogance of Obama. As I read some of the biting criticism and incredulity of many on the left, something else occurred to me though.
If The One had surrounded himself with something other than self serving advisors and sycophants, or if he hadn't been caught up in his belief of his own infallibility, he would have strode to the microphone yesterday, cleared his throat, and thanked the Nobel Peace Prize Committee for the honor. And then, with a proffered sense of humility and propriety, he would have politely and graciously refused the award. The One would have made huge political points and would have robbed the Republicans of all the ammunition the likes of Michael Moore and Peter Beinart
have so willingly served up ("You won it. Now earn it" "I like Barack Obama... But this is a farce. He's done nothing to deserve the prize."). He also would have scored points internationally.
However, no. Arrogance and looking into the Donacon pool controlled his reason and political acumen. A huge opportunity completely squandered. Plus, it exposes him and his advisors as having the same tailor as a well known emperor.(BTW, an excellent read. Especially now.
Nothing learned from a trip to Copenhagen, he loses again.
He is on a roll, however.
Now, don't get me wrong. This is not a bite on the Peace Prize. It's an observation on COC (Community Organizer in Chief) and his advisors. It's an observation on what America's enemies see and surmise. They see a president full of himself. They see an American President who lingers over his image so that any appeal to his vanity may very well yield results. They see an American President who believes he can secure an Olympic venue just by showing up. America's enemies are not fools. They play the manipulation game very, very well. They realize they can easily manipulate the press (Yasser Arafat did it for decades. His progeny still do).They are taking the measure of this man in the White House and are calculating strategy accordingly.
Another danger is evident in a Prairie Pravda editorial:"
That he would be chosen says much about the hope invested in his presidency by people of good will around the world." And what if he doesn't deliver on that "hope"? What if he disappoints on that "world investment"? And he will. No one can ever live up to another's expectations. To live your life adhering to someone else's hopes and dreams is emotional dysfunction. To base national and international policy on it is downright dangerous and lunacy in the extreme.
The COC has not done himself or America any good here.
Quite the opposite, I fear.
Quite the opposite.


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