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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No, Mr. President

A powerful response to Obama's speech on "Women's Reproduction Freedom"

And I recommend to others that we continue to pray for our President.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you hate pap smears?

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Gabriel Celibataire said...

Well, the problem with this issue here is that we stand for something beyond Earthly lusts. You do not. I was not suggesting that the church advocated the options i provided, but these options are what you and those who think like you consider 'responsible'. in fact, i take that back. You have no concept of liability or responsibility. even into the 3rd trimester, you can just pierce a baby's spinal cord, kill it, and no worries. Also sarcasm there. isnt it cute when i announce it?

4:05 AM  

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