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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Uh, no, you don't-really

From a WSJ headline "More States Look to Raise Taxes". As I read through the article, what impressed me, negatively, was how few states were going to balance their books by cutting spending. There are a few who will try to do it by cutting some spending and raising taxes, but raising taxes is the main thrust. Here in Minnesota, our state budget has increased 100% . At the State Central Committee meeting in December, I offered to help Governor Pawlenty dry up that $5-6,000,000,000 in red ink. I told him all I needed was the projected budget, a neon highlighter , a pot of coffee and viola'! At least $6,000,000,000 in savings before noon. And that I'd supply the coffee. And the highlighter! He said he'd mail the documents. I never saw them, even with a follow-up email. But, the point is that there is fat in every single state budget. But notice where the cuts are highlighted-" With the size of our budget gap, we are looking at a situation of closing down our courts, releasing prisoners and cutting the school year by as much as a month..." The very things that governments are required to do are the first things cut (except that school thing- one less month of left wing indoctrination and debasing of America and a possible extra month of part time work will help some families and the local economies. Plus the reason schools are hit is to force parents to scream for more money).
So, when non-essential programs are truly cut ( not just the rate of growth) there will be trail of sobbing witnesses, telling the whole litany of why their right to your money is more pressing than your evil, greedy, uncompassionate desire to keep what you've earned to provide for your family (I inadvertently left out that you're heartless too).
If these politicians had a spine, all state budgets would and could be balanced in a couple of hours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do recognize the tactic, don't you? The liberals do this deliberately and with malice aforethought-- that is, cutting the top priority items to make people scream while leaving the non-essentials, plus waste, fraud and abuse untouched. It ought to be a criminal offense, except it is so commonplace we would have all (liberal, at least) legislators in jail. Hmmmmmmmm.

J. Ewing

12:27 PM  

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