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Sunday, March 08, 2009

When Hell, or Lake Superior, freeze over!

I've always been appreciative of the way the left puts a smiley language happy face on evil. They always have a nice sounding name for a bill or program that doesn't,has never, will never and can never do what the name of the bill or law or program implies. But, the ardent enemies of liberty and goodness are tireless in attacking all that is good and free and worthy. So, when they're caught with their ideological pants down via language, they are adroit. Case in point: "global warming", after countless articles and scientific papers have proven it to be a fraud of the first order, morphed into "climate change". Lake Superior, the largest of the great lakes and largest lake in the world for surface area, feezes over completely about once every twenty years. Well, lookie here:

Lake Superior frozen over! NOAA captured this image of a frozen over Lake Superior having frozen over the last time in 2003.
Perhaps the new name the left will pin on this lame attempt to control people and economies will be "climate elasticity".
Thanks to King Banion and Janet at SCSU Scholars for this.


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