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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What the Constitutuion was meant to stop

In a little known story, it became apparent to me how freedom and liberty can be evidenced in small ways.
North Korea has just opened its first pizzeria. Seems the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, thought that North Koreans should "also be allowed access to the world's famous dishes." Damn decent of that fellow, I say. Damn decent!
Many customers have tried pizza for the first time in their lives. First time. And only because the Dear Leader allowed it. And ordering pizza is something you and I would and have never even given a second thought to-unless it's our watching the clock to see if we can get a discount or get it for free.
This pizzeria opened in a country where it's estimated that millions have died of starvation over the past few years.
This is what happens when power is concentrated and centralized. I've written about this before.
And the real crime here: there are tens of millions of voters who will see absolutely no connection, in any way, shape or form in even a remote fashion between the first pizzeria opening in Pyongyang and the decades long and the current disaster called Washington D.C. and the article I wrote over three years ago.
No connection at all.

And just to remind you of what lies in store for you, the loyal subjects of thos ewho know how to do it all:


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