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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I love the open, compassionate, diverse left

I've written many times about my involvement with the 8th Air Force Historical Society. Every Wednesday 50-60 of us meet for lunch, usually seated at the same chairs at the same tables.
I usually sit next to a retired Chief Master Sargent (CMSgt). I know he's a fairly strident lefty. I had no idea how strident until today.
I put my stuff on my regular chair, took off my jacket and went to return a book on WWII to a Vietnam vet across the dining hall. As I left I made a comment about Rush Limbaugh and this CMSgt made a comment about "A bullet to his head". I dropped off the book, chatted with the Navy vets and went back to my seat. We had a program that lasted for about 30 minutes. After the program, I turned to the CMSgt and said "Jack (not his name), you said something about Rush Limbaugh before the program. I just want to be clear about what you said." "I said that I don't agree with him." "Oh. What about a bullet to his head?" "Well, I said I wouldn't mind if someone put a bullet in his head. I just don't like what he says." "Oh. What about me? Do want to put a bullet in my head?" "No. Not at all." "Why not? I agree with a lot of what he says. As a matter of fact, I sometimes think he's a bit too soft. So, again, do you want to put a bullet in my head?" "No, no. I don't disagree with you." "But, I agree with Rush. You want a bullet in his head. Do you want to put a bullet in my head too?" Three times I asked him directly. Three times he demurred. I'll let remain unsaid what I thought about doing next to really call him out.
This is from the open, inclusive, bi-partisan, compassionate, we'll never re-enact the Fairness Doctrine, we support open debate, embracing diversity left.
My posterior!
Next week, I'll give "Jack" the link to this post.
I'll report on the reaction from this compassionate, embracing diversity, not closing the debate from other voices CMSgt (ret).


Blogger Jamie J. Delton said...

I had a similar conversation about how the Democrats blew the 2006 or 2007 surplus on establishing a new Health & Human Services program and how it should be a cautionary lesson for the US Reps who are passing Obama's "stimulus". The guy threatened at least twice to never talk to me again. Right away he starts in with a rote line about how partisan my statement was. He then goes into this lame pedagogic argument about how it's the governor's role to sign-off and he has responsibility. Never mind about deadlines, or MN Democrats' threats to shut down the government as they hold out for ever bigger more irresponsible budget increases. Never mind it has been MN Dems for years and years who want to spend money we don't have and any surplus on new programs that increase the yearly budget after the surplus is gone. Never mind that it was Dems who destroyed federal Pay as You Go rules as their first act of the new administration. The $5B deficit is all Pawlenty's fault, according to this Moonbat I ran into at WA Frost's.

7:10 PM  

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