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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Minnesota's new motto

By now, I'm sure you've read about the triumph of "bio-diesel" used in the transport of schoolchildren in Bloomington. And a big BTW, when I first met future soon to be former Senator Coleman in 2002, he stated categorically that he did not support drilling in ANWR because he supported "bio-diesel". I then hung the term "BDN" on Mr. Coleman (Bio Diesel Norm).
Yup-another smashing success for alternative energy and another wound for failed petroleum.
However, not a solo winner here in Minnesota...
Thursday evening at the monthly local Republican Exec Comm meeting, one of our local Representatives was able to attend. He sits on the Energy Committee. He had an interesting report on another smashing success of alternative energy. Maybe "smashing" is a unique word choice: seems that at -20F the wind turbines need to be shut down. The composite materials used for the turbine blades becomes so brittle at below zero temps, that there is the risk of, well, "catastrophic failure" if the turbines run. Oh. Well, it gets better. At those temperatures, with the BBW (Big Bad Windmills) NOT putting out any energy, they become net energy users as the lubricants in gearboxes and elsewhere need to be heated to be sure that they don't become thick and there is lubrication failure upon start up. It gets even better: in Minnesota, the peak energy season has moved from summer to winter. When we experience protracted cold here in Minnesota, that indicates a high pressure area over Minnesota. That usually indicates no wind. No wind, no BBW's a turnin' and a churnin'out energy-just when we need it most.
A couple of new state mottos for Minnesota:
"Minnesota-Where Alternative Energy Theory Comes to Freeze to Death"
"Minnesota-Where the Citizens and Alternate Energy Suffer Hypothermia"


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