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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First and Last BHO Coronation/Anointing post

I was going to have a BHO free day here on Savage Republican. My friend Ed Morrissey has pushed me to break that self pledge with a single picture in a single post.
I watched just a under a minute of this retch inducing video and went on to read the comments. I am now committed to never drink any Pepsi products after seeing this video and NEW "Pepsi" logo. But, it was this blog entry and this picture that sent me on my pledge breaking moment:

The BHO logo like CBS eye, the BHO colors, the BHO motto.
When Princess Diana died, there was an editorial regarding that the same week Viktor Frankl also passed away. Dr. Frankl was the author of the second most powerful book I've ever read, "Man's Search for Meaning". That editorial referred to the "media carpet bombing" of coverage on Diana's death.
With BHO, it appears that our once free and independent press is now practicing what I would call a carpet bombing, napalm raking, cluster bombing, intellectual fellatio on BHO ad naseum ad infinitum.


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