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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Coleman recount Part, whatever

From a link at Hot Air, there is an editorial from the Wall Street Journal about the consistent inconsistencies that seemingly always favor Franken. The money making quote? "The Coleman campaign clearly misjudged the politics here..." Do ya think?!?!? I've written about the Coleman recount disaster here and here.
My friend Ed Morrissey, from Hot Air, was on the Bill Bennett Show this morning talking about the Coleman/Franken recount. After hearing the interview, I wrote to Ed expressing my thoughts:
Heard you on Bill Bennett this morning.

Mentioned on Rush, sought after by all the rest. And I can say “I knew him when he was just a Captain.”

I listened to your comparison of the Chambliss and Martin race with Coleman and Franken. There is/was one huge difference and that’s Dean Barkley. The third party candidate in GA only took in 3.4% of the vote. Dean took in 15.1%. There was no third candidate in the Georgia race for the run off. I’ve yet to see an analysis of the Barkley voters, but heard King and Michael do an analysis in early October that showed Dean bleeding more votes from Franken than Coleman. If you remember Ventura’s run in 1998, for every one vote he took from Coleman he took two from Skip Humphrey. My gut tells me Dean probably did about the same %’s. I believe if Dean had not run, Franken would have won outright. Had there been a Georgia style run off here, I believe Franken would have won by recapturing enough votes from Dean that he would have won.

That being said, I figure those missing 7 MM votes from the 2004 Presidential election figured into Coleman’s totals. If Coleman had been able to capture just 5,000 more votes (just over 1 vote per precinct here in MN), he’d be on the Senate floor this morning rather than meeting with his legal team for coffee. "

Just my thoughts...


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