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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

But, he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express

Leon Panetta to head the CIA...well, why not. After all, my thoughts were Leon Panetta to the CIA would be like Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court (after all, she did volunteer for Meals on Wheels you know, which, if she lived in New York , would immediately qualify her for Senate and Archbishop of the New York City diocese). The only difference is that Harriet Miers has actual experience for the job for which she was nominated.
The money making quote from the LA Times, other than the headline:"
Leon Panetta, a former congressman and Clinton chief of staff, would give Obama a political ally at the helm of the troubled spy agency" The LAT then goes on to, well, basically, excoriate the Panetta selection. Don't get me wrong, the CIA has been in dire need of a house cleaning and fumigation from all of Jimmy Carter's and Bill Clinton's appointments. The CIA has ceased being an intelligence gathering agency that is constructed and charged to supply the President with intelligence and has become a political entity with its own agenda, the administration be damned. as much as I am loathe to say this (thermostats are heard to be clicking on in hell) I agree with the LA Times on this one.
Read the article. The LAT does a good job on the Panetta nomination.
Too bad they didn't exhibit this type of real journalism over the past year or so.
One last thought: notice the problems brewing for Obama in both houses of Congress.
once again, a newby to the Oval Office discovers he's not the only one with an ego in Foggy Bottom. The rules of engagement and adversaries change when you go from under a marble dome to a painted over/ fire rehabbed residence.


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