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Thursday, December 11, 2008

When philosophy and reality meet

I love it when the ironicalness (yes, I know) of the left is lost on them. To wit: the recent crime wave on the "greenway" that was the old railroad right-of-way that paralleled Lake Street for decades (and also parallels the Hiawatha Choo choo). Bike paths, light rail, etc. are loved and revered by the left . And when those pathways take them through neighborhoods of diversity that breed crime like drunk rabbits, well, what can I say? Now, I'll acknowledge there's not much you can do with abandoned railroad right-of-way. But, what did you expect putting a "greenway" through some of the highest crime areas in the city?
Not everyone embraces "diversity" and "tolerance" in those areas as much as the lefties do.
Wait a minute...seems that Minneapolis votes overwhelmingly for the libertards and therefore, the people in those neighborhoods vote for this, usually in numbers greater than the general populace.
How's reality working for you now?
makes no difference; they'll vote left again and again.
Seems there's a quote from Einstein that would apply here...


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