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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's not said Part 1

I was talking to my Mom last night. She asked what I thought of "this guy" who threw his shoe at the President the other day. My response was "What on earth is he angry about?" I went on to say that six years ago he would have executed for even saying he wanted to throw a shoe at a guest of the then current Iraqi leader. The irony is that the reporter was angry at the man who was responsible for his ability to throw a shoe and live. But there is another angle to my talk with Mom. I asked what she thought of Sarah Palin's church being burned? What? Though she gets Prairie Pravda every day and listens to WCCO, she hadn't heard that Gov. Palin's church had been set ablaze. Not a word from her usual news sources. But she knew in detail about a the "shoe" incident. There's more about the arson in Wasilla:
The fires were set at the entrances. And an accelerant was used. That the fires were set at the entrances would indicate to me that the arsonist wanted to seal the exits (an entrance to is also an exit from). Therefore the people inside would reach the exit and stop because they see flames. The hope of the arsonist is that the delay will cause confusion and further delay while the fire spreads. In other words, he or she plotted to burn the occupants alive.
And where do we see this reported? Not in the MSM. And the alternative press asks the rhetorical question: what would the MSM report of the Obamamessiah's (may his name be blessed) church (sorry) FORMER church been burned or set ablaze?
We know exactly how that story would be handled.


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