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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Using what we have

Does anyone know that we have a government created economic problem on our hands (I won't say crisis as that may be the natural progression from here as the authors of this disaster promise us they can fix it)? As everyone seems to line up for your money, there is a delayed fuse ordnace ready to blow us into that crisis: energy prices. The economy runs on credit, production and cheap energy. As Congress refuses to allow Americans to use the plentiful oil, gas and coal resources we already have untapped, this news article caught my attention: OPEC's Oil Supply Cuts Could Be Its Deepest. As crude oil prices have fallen to less than one third of their highs this past year, OPEC and Russia are going broke and don't like it. So, if the Saudis decide to cut production (already cut by 8%), prices go up at just the wrong time for any hope of recovery. This again is the consequences of the flaming idiots in Congress who will not look beyond the next election, who gave us high food prices with ethanol, the sub-prime crisis that echoed around the world and so on and so forth...
We have allowed Congressional Democrats (abetted by chicken Republicans) and their anti-American enviro allies to imperil our security on many levels. What Congress has done is to say to hungry Americans: "Nope, we will not allow farmers to plant and grow on land that is now fallow. Instead, we'll import food and subsidize hydroponic gardening. And be sure to vote for us!!!"
We are incredibly vulnerable to so many aspects of Congressional lunacy in energy policy.
My idea for Congress: get out of the way. Drill wherever there is oil. Cut taxes on profits for oil. Increase the oil depletion allowance. 100% depreciation for equipment. Very simple. Not easy if, of course, you are a radical anti-American as so many in Congress are.


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