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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So do Metal Detectors at Schools make you feel safe?

Article in Wall Street Journal on Monday about the Terroist attack in India.

Here is one key paragraph:

At about 9:45 p.m., two gunmen, slender and in their mid-20s, ran up the circular driveway at the entrance to the Trident. They shot the security guard and two bellhops.
The hotel had metal detectors, but none of its security personnel carried weapons because of the difficulties in obtaining gun permits from the Indian government,
according to the hotel company's chairman, P.R.S. Oberoi. The gunmen raced through the marble-floored lobby, past the grand piano into the adjoining Verandah restaurant, firing at the guests and shattering the windows

From Red Lake to India to ...
First thing the bad guys do is shoot the one or two people they think may have a gun, then they know they have a free fire victim zone.


Blogger Amendment X said...

This is why I don't do "open carry" with my firearm.
I read and repeat:"When the wolves can't tell the difference between the lions and the sheep, the sheep are safe."

5:36 PM  

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