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Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Killer Chic"

Have you ever followed a link down or out a few levels? And been rewarded for your efforts? Happened here this morning.
I've always talked to the lefties about their incredible lack of honesty, intellectual honesty, transparency, well, you know. They abhor Hitler yet venerate so many other tyrants, Che Guevara in particular. There is a movie coming out "Che" starring Benecio del Torro. I saw an entry at Hot Air and followed the links to Babalu Blog to Reason TV. Seems that those who lived through the terror of Che do not quite hold him at the same level of esteem and regard as those portray him. I watched the below video and emailed Reason TV as to how to embed it and heard back from none other than the producer Nick Gillespie!
So, view and learn:


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