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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kill the messenger

I read the article on the Bernard Madoff disaster in Prairie Pravda. I decided to try an experiment. I wrote in comments nothing but the truth to see how many peole would agree with my comments.
Here is what I wrote:
Comments aplenty

I entered comments before about Social Security and Medicare not being mere billions, but an order of magnitude 1,000 times greater. Yah, it appears that Madoff and Petters committed fraud. However, with any kind of background check it would have been apparent that these guys were too good to be true. There was a potential Petters investor that asked a private firm to investigate. They found Petters to have a rather spotty background and the investor passed. The situation here is that all these people voluntarily gave money to Petters and Madoff. You and I also have a choice when it comes to Social Security and Medicare: we can choose to participate/contribute or go to jail as SS and Medicare have the force of law. With Petters and Madoff if we didn't contribute we didn't go to jail. The current unfunded liability of Social Security and Medicare is calculated to be $99,000,000,000,000 by none other than the head of the Federal Reserve in Dallas ( ). So Petters and Madoff are small potatoes compared to what Congress has been doing for decades.
Nothing in my comments was an opinion. All is the truth and facts. And yet only 9 of 17 people agreed with my comments as of this writing.
Kids, we are in real deep trouble. Those 8 people who didn't agree with my comments would disagree with them on what basis? My facts are wrong? Where? Why? What was there to disagree with?
Again, we are in deep trouble and it won't get better for a long, long time.


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