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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hope springs eternal

There is so much that stupefies me in this clip: California, near Berkley, while shopping at Whole Foods, driving a VW van. Granted, the firearm wasn't hers (there are fairly strict gun control laws in California. So, the victim didn't have a firearm but the criminal did- which I'm sure that he obtained legally. I'm still just a bit confused on how gun control laws protect citizens). So, she had to borrow the criminal's firearm.

Notice that the police don't recommend fighting back. That advice is absolutely situational. If you are being taken by the carjackers, you definitely need to fight back. Never, ever be taken in a car. EVER! It appears that she was in the back of the van and the carjacker was in control in the driver's seat. It is not apparent if the side doors were open or closed, if the van was already in motion and therefore she was fighting to get free or to get out or to force the carjacker out. So, I would take the reporter's comments about the police saying don't fight as conditional.
That being said, good on her.


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