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Friday, December 05, 2008

Colonel Brilliant reporting for duty

Ya know, I ain't the brightest knife in the chandelier or the sharpest bulb in the drawer, but what in the name of the Constitution is wrong here?
The same people that brought you Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that has pulled the entire world economy into peril (and blamed Bush, naturally); that brought you increasing food prices and $4.00 a gallon and non-effective ethanol subsidies because they refused to let us use our own resources thereby enriching people who don't like us and jeopardizing our security and livelihoods.These very same people who opened a new Congressional visitors center that was 100% over budget and three years late in opening-these are the people that think THEY can recognize an appropriate business plan from the Big Three automakers? And run the companies? The same people who have never run a business or had to make a payroll?
They'll kill us all yet!
And how, may you ask did these people get elected? Very simply: a lethal and fatal combination of ignorance, lack of critical thinking and ideology.
It was his oratory that was the decisive factor. ' He had the ability which was needed to make people stop thinking critically and just emote (emphasis mine). That ability derived from his readiness to throw himself totally open, to appear, as it was, bare and naked before his audience. To tear his heart open and display it.' " (A description of Adolph Hitler's style in the pivotal run off 1932 Presidential election against Paul von Hindenburg. As a result of the closeness of the run off, Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor in 1933).


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