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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Coleman recount

I've posted on the organizational problems at Team Recount Coleman. It has not gotten better.
I'm a member of the Republican Party of Minnesota State Central Committee. Members are elected from their Senate District conventions in odd numbered years. Our terms are for two years. The officers of the Republican Party are elected by the State Central Committee and they serve for two years.
We meet as called. And we were called to meet on 6 December at the Sheraton in Bloomington. After the business of the day, there was a meeting to update us on the senate race recount. Very interesting stuff that you'll never hear in the MSM. One point: those 133 "missing ballots"? Not necessarily...Seems that the precinct with the "missing ballots" is at the University if Minnesota. Also seemsm that this is the second 'serious" problem at that precinct. But, here's what happened with the "missing 133": There were 133 ballots short on the reconciliation tape from the optical scanners versus how many people signed the voter register. So, there was discrepnacy. Now, the lines at this precinct were up to 2 hours long. These are University students who have classes and jobs to get to. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that they got of line to go to class, their job, they got impatient. Sue Jeffers over at KTLK has a daughter who was in a line to vote where she goes to college. She lefrt the line and came back later. But, our intrepid George Soros backed Sec of State said "AH HA! These ballots are missing!!!" Of course they were. Nothing suspicious about his proclamation about missing ballots in a heavily Franken leaning enclave. Anyhow, back to Team Recount Coleman.

So, at this meeting is guy taking names to help with the recount. I approached him and told him of my previous failure to be contacted by Team Coleman. I told him of my background: a former election judge, a former SD Executive Chair, State Central Committee member, I'm 6'2', 250# and have played rugby and can be intimidating, and so on and so forth. He had his laptop open. He took and entered my name and cell number. He told me I'd be contacted "today". He gave me his card. I told him I'd email him as soon as I got home. I emailed him directly at 5:54 p.m., Saturday, 6 December, with, as promised, my name and county in the subject line.

As of this writing, I've yet to hear from Team Coleman or this gentleman.

And now, look, look I say, look upon our new Senator brought to you by inept Republicans:


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