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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bhutan or Kimber?

I could just as easily have entitled this entry "The left ALWAYS wants you dead!"
There is this posting over at Hot Air where my friend Ed Morrissey posts. The basic plot is that the School Board wants kids to throw books/backpacks/themselves at active shooters in a school attack. Yah. Hhhmmm...8 year old kids being taught to throw their revisionist history books at someone who is shooting them. I kind of already know how that will probably work... OK kids, quiz time. Let's see how well you've been paying attention to Prof. Amendment X. What do all these have in common:
  1. Mark Lepine and the University of Montreal
  2. Virginia Tech and Seung Hui- Cho
  3. Columbine High School and Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
  4. Pearl Mississippi and Joel Myrick
Seems to me that Carol Jacobs wants to reinstitute this method of self preservation:

(Anyone notice that the above was sponsored by the NEA? Just as effective now as then when it comes to protection).
Does Mizzzzzz Jones ever consider maybe arming the staff?
Go read again the linked article in the Pearl, MS High Scholl article about Joel Myrick. By obeying the law, kids died.
Again, the governments kill.
So, if Mizzzzz Jones wants people to throw books at a shooter, as a parent or concerned citizen, which of these would you want to have used to confront a shooter when children's lives are on the line:
This or this?


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