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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What not to do

OK, like I said before, John McCain is the Bob Dole of 2008. Time to move on and do a thorough Passover type housecleaning to get all the leavening out of the house. Let the RINOs join the Independence Party and support Dean Barkley in his run for President in 2012.
I see that "Bridge to Nowhere" Rino Ted Stevens won in Alaska. Any lefty, ANY lefty that makes any comment about Stevens, push their nose into the name "Murtha" or "William Jefferson".
Now, Stevens is going to be tossed. If not by the Senate, then by the Repubs. That means there will be a vacancy that usually the governor selects. I would recommend and urge that Governor Palin NOT appoint herself. I know of precious few governors who have done that where it succeeded. We have an example of that in Minnesota. When Walter Mondale became Vice President in 1976, Wendell Anderson had himself appointed to replace Mondale. End of Wendy's career right there. Now this was a guy who had his picture on the cover of Time magazine (the Minnesota Miracle, which he got credit for but was set up by Republicans over the preceding twenty + years).
So, there are other ways for Governor Palin to stay in the public eye.
Self appointment to the Senate is not the way however.


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