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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The post I hoped never to write

I'm writing this on Monday morning, 3 November. It is posted after the Election of 2008. I spent Sunday listening to some dire predictions from the Fox All Stars on Fox News Sunday. The best prediction for the election is that McCain had an uphill battle. I agreed. I've said that this was a marathon, that McCain put his best weapon, Sarah Palin, under wraps for three weeks, and then had to sprint to catch-up to Obama. This election reminds me a rugby game about 25 years ago. It was the All Minnesota Rugby Tournament (the state championship). We on the Minneapolis Rugby Club were the pre-tournamnt favorites. We had a winning streak of three state championships in a row. On late Saturday,in the quarter finals we played and lost to a team we should have rolled over. They didn't win. We lost. They knew it and we knew it. We played an absolutely miserable game. Obama didn't win. McCain lost. He ran a miserable campaign. In the debates, there was so much low hanging fruit that he could have harvested and didn't. Granted that the Tanning Bed Media (TBM) gave BHO at least $500,000,000,000 in in-kind campaign contributions. The TBM has finally fully abandoned its responsibility in a free society to keep the citizens informed. But, the fault lies fully, completely with the neocons and "evangelicals" in the Republican Party. We had McCain who was "the maverick". How quaint. How did we get him? Because the "evangelicals" who were voting against the "Mormon" by voting for Huckabee who was nothing more than a populist. OK Huckabee supporters- How'd that work for ya? Don't get me wrong. I'm a born again Christian. Romney was not, repeat NOT my first choice. Thompson was. Thompson waited too long. But McCain was absolutely my last choice. But the vote against Romney eventually gave us the old warhorse who can't debate, was the "maverick" who supports cap and trade, gave us McCain/Feingold, who proudly "reached across the aisle" but seemingly never had the flexibility (physically, politically or intellectually) to reach behind him to the conservatives.
Anyhow, we now have Barack Obama. And a Congress that will give him what he wants and that he'll sign. Judicial appointments? See my previous post. The Republicans lost.

What next? I sat next to Savage Republican at the Republican Convention the night Sarah Palin accepted the nomination. I commented to him that if Guilliani or Huckabee or Romney had won the nomination we would not have Palin speaking to us. He agreed. She was and is a breath of fresh air that McCain let die on the shelf and the TBM attacked beyond civility.
So, here is what I intend: all you neocons- you're gone as in gone. I've seen you lack of courage destroyers of liberty who keep repeating "We HAVE to elect Republicans!" Yup. And we get the Arne Carlsons who support a Marxist for President and Tim Pawlentys who sign stadium funding and anti-smoking bills. I've worked with you down here in Scott County. I'll work with you no longer. You'll have a seat at the table, but it will be the kiddy table like when you went to Aunt Jane and Uncle Kent's house for Thanksgiving. As you are children, act like children and think like children you don't get to sit at the adult table anymore. It's cost us too much for you people who can not take an adult, principled and courageous stand. Away with you I say. AWAY! I and my fellow liberty lovers are taking the party back. Don't get in our way. You'll just get hurt. And I won't care.
You can join us, but don't even think about opposing us or getting in our way.
You've been warned.


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