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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The morning after view...from last night

I'm a WWII history buff. Last night at a fairly happy election night party where all our local people (save my candidate for Scott County Commissioner) won, I made a couple of WWII comparisons. I asked a number of people what important battle occurred six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thousand mile stare... The Battle of Midway. A resounding and pivotal battle. At that point, at that battle, the war in the Pacific was turned and won. We didn't know it at the time however. But the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers and a large number aircraft and well experienced air crew. The Japanese never recovered. Six months after Pearl Harbor.
I also mentioned the Battle of the Bulge. Patton recognized the huge opportunity this presented. The Germans had come out. They were exposed. And Patton saw the opportunity to crush the German divisions. But initially there was panic in the troops. I mean real panic. But, the Germans had expended vital resources. They had cannibalized their troops on the Eastern Front.
The radical left has expended so much to get BHO in office. BHO expended $600,000,000 to campaign. The MSM contributed at least another $500,000,000 in support and cover. With all that, BHO was only able to eke out a 5% winning margin. 5%. Not a landslide. Not a mandate. A lot of resources for a minimal win. Against a badly run campaign that never had a message other than the repeated Republican campaign slogan from 2004 and 2006-"It will be worse with the other guy!" Not exactly a rallying cry.
I agree with Glenn Beck: The pressure is off. I don't have to worry about screaming at President McCain "That's NOT a conservative position/program/statement." I don't have to defend "The Maverick". I don't have to explain his reaching across the aisle. The radical left is out there with their inexperienced leader. They have the majority in Congress-with a 9% approval rating.
But, there is a caveat here: the Battle of Midway was the brainchild of Chester Nimitz. I had the opportunity to meet and talk, at length and a number of times, to a gentleman whose desk was right outside the door to CinCPac Nimitz. His read:Chester Nimitz was absolutely brilliant. He was a warrior. He knew what he had to work with and what he had to do. He was behind the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo (which had the added advantage of limiting the number of aircraft carriers deployed to Midway from 6 to 4). We need a Chester Nimitz. A warrior. Someone who knows how to fight. Not someone who reaches across the aisle but someone who is willing to allow the other side to reach out to us.
The time to start is today, now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why the Commissioner slot went wrong? Too many folks trying to win the seat?

7:55 PM  
Blogger Savage Republican said...

Have to disagree with Amendment X on the Commissioner race.
Did not view it as a seat going wrong.

We had the choice between two candidates who ran as conservative Republicans.
Some prefereed one or other, but either way conservatisim wins.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Amendment X said...

I made the comment based on conversations with others in the county who preferred Chris Olson.

11:09 PM  

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