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Monday, November 03, 2008

If McCain wins

My predictions if McCain wins:
If McCain wins, it will be a squeaker. Maybe 272 +/- 1. He will collapse like Phippides over the finish line.
If McCain wins there will be riots in some major cities.
If McCain wins the Dems and BHO will sue in a handful of states that went for McCain: New Mexico, Colorado maybe Nevada. They and he will sue with a eye to winning enough of the suits to give him just enough Electoral College votes to give him a squeaker win. Possibly suing in Pennsylvania if he gets greedy if the Keystone state understands that cap and trade will bankrupt PA and send coal miners onto the unemployment lines. Can't have that. Bankrupting the state is for the greater good afterall.
But, lands, over 45% of the American electorate will vote for Obama. So, why not in PA?
And if BHO wins? Possibly lawsuits. Much lower probability though.


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