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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Go away or go away bitter, but just go away

Allahpundit at Hot Air has an article about the McCain staff and Sarah Palin. He's included a You Tube video from Shep Smith and Carl Cameron. About mid-point they start to talk about when McCain's numbers, after passing BHO with the Palin pick, start going down. Cameron says that downturn happened when McCain said, after the demise of Lehman Bros. that the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Mac, with his comments on the fundamentals was right. All he had to do was explain that the connection to the economic disaster from the Dems having gotten in the way and screwed with the market. It would have been a step, not a leap. Instead, Mac fell flat!
Notice toward the end the discussion about the Katie Couric interview. It was at that point that McCain's numbers went down according to Smith. The comments from McCain staffers indicate that Palin refused coaching about the interview, that many of the questions were anticipated, etc. Smith, Cameron and especially the McCain staffers miss the glaringly obvious cogent point: What idiot decided that a Couric interview was going to be a good thing? What was she doing going to talk to Charlie Gibson? What on earth was McCain doing on "The View"? His staffers then put Palin in front of subtly hostile interviewers whose audience was going to vote for BHO anyway. Mac and Palin should have been on Glenn Beck, Fox News, Fox and Friends, every single conservative talk show in the country. He needed to convince and rev up people like me. And Palin was the way."The View"? Where the audience thinks that Whoopi Goldberg should win an Academy award for every voice over she does? And Joyce Behar is the font of wisdom? Are you nuts? As much as I respect Bill Bennett, I couldn't disagree with him more when he said McCain ran a good campaign.
Let the McCain staffers and RINOs and neocons go away. Go away bitter and with their trite comments if they wish, but go away. (BTW, a great letter by Congressman Jeff Flake [R-AZ] about how the Repubs can come back. I especially like his comment that we as conservative Repubs , with a fully left wing controlled Congress and White House are not beholden in any way to the promises of John McCain or George Bush. We are now able to throw off all vestiges of neocons, "bi-partisianship" that only allows us to compromise and any other tripe. Now is clean break time.)


Blogger Herding Cats said...

God forbid that you should mention a purge.Think about who won-McConell,Chambliss,Bachmann and a host of conservatives.Who lost or nearly lost?Coleman,Dole and a whole host of left-leaning Repubs.So the lesson we should take from this according to the losers and Party East Coast bigshots is that we need to be more like the Dems?Huh?The Dems ran an out of the Beltway, bareknuckled fight carved-out of pure Chicago hard-nosed bribe 'em,stuff the boxes,get-out-the-vote even if you have to whip them to the polls politics.In other words,their guys ran out of the middle of the Country ,not the Coasts.That's why Hillary lost and Obama won twice.Why would you listen to anyone inside the Beltway or at GOP headquarters?They left Bachmann hanging in the breeze after the Matthews gotcha' interview.Thank God for the blogs and outside money because the National Party colored her gone.Oops! She's back and she owes them nothing.I can't wait until they come knocking at her door looking for a "softening" on any of her core beliefs>Ed

3:13 PM  

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