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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Give us one last score George

The NYT has outdone itself finally. With their credit rating at junk bond status, they expose, once again, national security secrets that benefit nothing but the terrorists. Then, to pile on, they are the recipient of one side of a private conversation between President Bush and the holder of the Office of the President Elect. And all of this within 24 hours. Well Done Yellow Dogs!
George, we watched as the NYT exposed, twice before in addition to this, top secret operations that compromised the WOT (here and here). With this addition of their expose extravaganza I have a suggestion:
Mr. President, finally, indict the New York Times. Indict their editorial staff for treason, sedition. They've compromised national security how many times? They have become bottom feeders. You and Department of Justice have enough evidence to have a couple of hundred indictments on them by lunch tomorrow. We've supported you for eight years. Throw us a bone here. Plus, when his Obamaness takes the office, he'll drop the case anyhow, pardon the evil doers and then give us ammunition to save the nation from him.
After all, do you think for a moment that he and his new AG won't do this against people like me?


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