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Friday, November 07, 2008

Earth shaking advice!!!

I'm friends with Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air. I met Ed nearly three years ago. He's a great guy and has a great gig at Hot Air. A much respected blogger who has access to sources I can only dream about. But, we have had a few differences over the years.
And now, I really need to take him to task.
In his blog entry "Notes From the Collapse" he makes this comment near the end regarding why the voter turnout was low for McCain and how McCain lost votes:
"John McCain and the GOP didn’t get their turnout in this race. They lost almost seven million voters from 2004, a rather stunning number. We’ll be chewing on this for a while, but that’s more than 10% of the Bush vote that got lost in this election..."
Ed then goes on to say:
"The GOP demoralized their base by acting like Democrats for too many years, and the winds of “change” proved too dispiriting this time around...The Republican Party lost its soul when it launched its K Street Project, and the spendfest of 2001-6 only made that more clear." And I'd like to add "DO YA THINK???"
He ends this way:
"If the GOP wants to win 60 million votes in future national elections, it has to stand for something other than being Democrat Lite. The Republican Party needs clarity, purpose, and most importantly, an end to the hypocrisy of talking smaller government while porking up their districts. When given only a choice between real Democrats and fake Democrats, Americans will choose the former, which we found out in 2006."
Here what I put into comments:
"Great advice...that I was giving over 6 years ago starting with Norm Coleman (no drilling in ANWR) and No Child Left Behind. I warned people that GWB was making a huge mistake by cuddling up to people that would never vote for him (lefties).
But, I was beat down time and time again by the BS mantra "We HAVE to elect Republicans!!!"
Well, how did THAT work for ya.
And I hear some of those same buttheads/bullheads now trying to convince me that they're "on board" to clean the party up.
Don't pee on my back and then tell me it's raining.
You are the people I've been screaming at for over 6 years.
From the apropos quote from Samuel Adams:"...go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

I've worked with these people down here in the south metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I've heard the "Elect Republicans" when I/we were trying to get conservatives elected. These people have sometimes actively and aggressively fought us who were trying to bring the party back to it's roots. They have tried and sometimes succeeded in silencing conservative voices and then "high fived" themselves over their success.
As Rush said today the rage we feel is at "those" Republicans.
If you are one of "those" Republicans, we're coming for you.


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