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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coleman will lose the recount II

Yesterday I called a friend of mine to get him range qualified to get his firearm carry permit. As I am an AACFI certified firearms instructor ,he had taken the classroom instruction and we needed to schedule the range portion. So, I called and we talked politics. I related the story behind my previous post. And lo and behold, he told me that nearly the exact same thing had happened to him.
He signed up to be a recount volunteer for Coleman. he gave his bona fides: he was not just an election judge, he was a head election judge! He gave all pertinent contact information except his home phone number. Before volunteering the Coleman team had contacted him to make a sizable contribution
to help pay for the legal team (my friend is a significant financial contributor to the party and campaigns). My friend said no, that a huge legal team wasn't necessary if you have an adequate recount team. Well, after signing up the Coleman team called him at his home. His wife gave the caller my friend's work and cell number. As of yesterday, my friend had not been contacted.
Here is a ballot that Team Franken challenged as not showing clear intent to vote for Coleman (thanks to Freedom Dogs ):

Yup. Again, Republicans either can't or won't fight.


Blogger Herding Cats said...

Maybe the Chambliss Vicory will make Reid reconsider.they can always get lugar,Collins and Snowe any time they need an extra copule of votes.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous K-Rod said...

That is obviously a vote for Coleman but the voter can't seem to follow directions very well. As I recall we were directed to fill in the oval completely. My ballot was filled out properly, machine or manual you would never question my ballot and could never question based on technically filled in ovals.

3:28 PM  

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