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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bashing Sarah

Came across this article about "unnamed" or "anonymous" sources making snarky comments about Sarah Palin. Great van Susteren and Karl Rove are spot on. Palin was the breath of fresh air that the McCain camp needed and needed badly. Palin was mishandled and mishandled badly (see my previous entries). As Susteren and Rove point out that these comments are worthy of a NYT hit piece on Palin or Cindy McCain. Why do the work of the left on your own? Reagans 11th Commandment:"Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican." Now, I can stand accused of breaking that commandment in my previous posts.
With the results of Tuesday, and 2006 still fresh in memory, Repubs such as this need to be spoken of and to.


Anonymous eviehman said...

When Saxby Chambliss wins in Georgia with Palin's help,what will they say?They on the Left and the 'Johnnie-go-lightlies" within the GOP umbrella will have no answers other than he won it on his own and she was just a minor player.Not quite.My lying eyes do not deceive me when I see on TV the star power,enthusiasm, and turnouts she has generated.So let's get real... without Palin, MccCain was looking at a 8 to 10 point drubbing.Ed Viehman

9:30 AM  

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