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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rucks and mauls

Many of you know that I played rugby for two decades. In rugby there are some terms for what happens when a man is tackled and the forwards (the "linemen" of rugby) close around the tackled ball carrier: ruck or maul.
Some years back, we were in SW Minnesota playing rugby. It was a game with a number of fights. After about the fourth or fifth fight, the referee, after blowing the whistle and untangling the mess, had one guy by the arm. "Whenever I sort out a fight, you're always the one I find at the bottom of the pile. You're off the field!" And so, he was sent off.
In rugby, back then, when you were kicked off the field, you were not replaced. Your team played a man short for the rest of the game.

Today, every time there is a disaster, much more often than not, there is a government program, directive, agency somewhere in the mix either causing the problem or causing the problem to be worse or become worse. Witness the sub-prime mortgage and resultant financial collapse. All brought to you by: government. Aided and fully abetted by Democrats. And yet, John McCain can not make or will not make that connection.
Time is short.
And I'm losing hope that McCain has the will to fight.
He faces a man who has no respect for and seeks to destroy all that John McCain fought for, risked his life for and suffered for five horrible years in the Hanoi Hilton (and still suffers from those years). McCain's response: "Senator Obama is a fine family man."
President-elect Obama. And Nancy Pelosi will preempt the Constitution (nothing new there) and call Congress back if Obama does win the election to get a head start on the left wing mischief.
The Republicans have no one but themselves to blame.

And this is what we have to look forward to (thanks to Powerline):

And believe that this one campaign promise Obama will keep.
Yup. The bottom of a lot more rucks and mauls.


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