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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is this 1992 redux

I remember a quote a few years back regarding the election of Bill Clinton in '92 and '96-"In 1992 we didn't know anything about but elected him. In 1996 we knew all we needed to know and elected him anyhow." I have that same feeling today.
In 1992 we had a current president who kept hitting the character issue. And it didn't work. Clinton was a polished campaigner and it showed. The character issue did not resonate with the public at all. George Bush was playing catchup and losing.
In 1996 we had a horrible candidate in Bob Dole. He was certainly a war hero. That does not make one qualified to be President. It always appeared to me that the Republicans somehow thought that it was Senator Doles turn to run. That he was rewarded for his long service to the party. A horrible reason to be nominated for President.
This brings me to the 2008 election. I do not see the Barack Obama/Bill Ayers connection as a winner. It goes to character but this is all too reminiscent of the '92 election. In 1992 people were hearing the left scream "The worst economy in 50 years", "It's the economy stupid!". Sound familiar?
I've written so many times and reminded Republicans in Minnesota that the greatest book I've ever read about campaigning is David Horowitz's book "The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits". It was written for 2000 election cycle. And precious few Republicans have ever read it! The takeaway for me-"Republicans look at politics as the Oxford Debating Society. Democrats look at politics as a knife fight." There are no Marquess of Queensbury Rules in politics. The Republicans are still looking for the rule book however, confident that they'll find it real soon.
My read on the remaining on the remaining time until the election:
It's a one act play with three characters: McCain, Obama, Palin. There are four scenes and some supporting players: Biden, Ayers, Wright, Dodd, Frank. The whole play had better have a single plot theme :"These democrats did it you! Here's the proof." The main Republican actors had better tie all the Democrat players together through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Raines, Johnson and ACORN.
And the Republicans had better start now. It can be done. But the Repubs need to start now.

The Repubs have this much time to get this point across:


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