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Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm not surprised at not being surprised

"Troopergate Probe Shows Palin Had Power , but Abused It to Fire Trooper". Oh.
And the fact that the investigation was headed by Obama supporters is not news. That the report was rushed to be released now is not news.
If she did abuse her authority, bad on her. So what. I expected nothing less:

What is news that somehow I can't find in any MSM outlet is the rampant, and I mean rampant voter fraud from Obama's organization, ACORN. That concerns me that ACORN is stealing an election. This CNN report uncovers is being repeated around the country especially in battleground states. Look at the video again the previous post. This, again, is what's happening in many states. ACORN needs to be indicted in the next 10 days. ACORN organizers need to perp walked out of their offices. Those indictments need to be open. American citizens need to open lawsuits against ACORN for disenfranchisement.
To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger;"Dew whit. Dew whit nauuwgh!"

And to quote Indiana Jones-"This is serious!"


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