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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forseen unintended consequences

Fifteen years ago, I met a gentleman quite by accident. I had just been hired by a company and went into the training pool for new sale hires. I got a call from this guy (I'll call him Kent, not his name). He had sat at the desk I now occupied with the phone extension that was assigned to that desk. He related how he had sent out a number of letters with that extension as a contact number and asked that if I got any calls would I forward them or give the caller his new number. I said I would do both so his bases were covered.
I went upstairs to meet with Kent and we became good friends over the months.
Kent was an Airborne Ranger. And an officer. He had a very impressive resume'. Very impressive! One thing that impressed me greatly was his affiliations and assignments during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Kent was a Lt. Colonel.

In 1992, when Bill Clinton was elected, he resigned from active duty Army. His service and acumen was so highly regarded that he was offered the rank of Brigadier General, jumping two grades, if he would re-up for five years. He passed. What he told me was that he wasn't the only officer that resigned. "The resignation letters fell like snowflakes in a winter storm." The Army lost a significant number of officers and sergeants with twenty plus years of experience. And this thought occurred to me last week: what will happen to the experienced officer and sergeant class if Barack Obama is elected President? If there were these resignations sixteen years ago with Bill Clinton coming on board as Commander in Chief, what will happen with a radical left winger as the near term future CinC? Just when we (and believe it or not, his Messiahness) need that experienced officer and non-com class, I believe we will see those resignations come flowing in.
Just one more item to put on your punchlist before you vote.


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