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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why nearly everyone should leave Washington D.C. forever,

When Katrina hit Louisiana and New Orleans in particular, what we saw was three disasters:
  1. Hurricane Katrina
  2. Left government (Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin)
  3. Big government as witnessed by FEMA
With the "crisis" on Wall Street and Washington, we see another thoroughly predictable disaster: Washington running as only Washington can.

We have the perpetrators of this fraud, the Dems and one Rep. Barney Frank accusing the Repubs of killing the bailout bill when there were 94 Democrats that voted against the bill. The Dems could have absolutely ridden roughshod over the Repubs as the Dems have an absolute majority in the House. Listen to Karl Rove tell how Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama either couldn't or didn't get the bailout passed:

So one of two things is true: Nancy Pelosi is incompetent or this whole thing was planned by the left. And Obama has been AWOL on this whole thing. He couldn't even convince the Illinois Congressmen/women to vote for this thing.

This situation has always been termed a "crisis". Can't be much of a crisis if Congress takes off for two days for Rosh Hashana.

But, the most damning piece of information I've heard was this: where did the figure $700,000,000,000 come from? Computers on Wall Street and in Washington cruching volumes and columns of numbers? Captains of finance and Treasury officials burning out computer memory running figures 24/7? Uh, well, no. Not at all. Here is the filthy, dirty, little secret: "
'It's not based on any particular data point,' a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. 'We just wanted to choose a really large number.' " And there you have it. You and yours have been put at risk for $700,000,000,000 by using the Treasury Department's Magic 8 Ball combined with the Omniscient Never Fail Dart Board bolstered by the Always Accurate Coin Flip (2 out 3 tosses to be sure).

It really is time to reset the trip odometer and for We, the People to take the country back. Time to re-establish the constitutional republic.
See you at Concord Bridge.


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