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Monday, September 15, 2008

See I told you so.

Amendment X often criticizes my eating habit -
Such as my latest discovery "Chick Fried Bacon"
(Winner Best Food Texas State Fair)

But science proves that maybe us Meatatarians are onto something:
Eating veggies shrinks the brain
MELBOURNE: Scientists have discovered that going veggie could be bad for your brain-with those on a meat-free diet six times more likely to suffer brain shrinkage.

As a proud member of PETROV (People for the Ethical Treatment of Rutabaga and Other Vegetables) I feel vindicated.


Blogger Amendment X said...

A contraire Savage Republican. I don't criticize your diet selections. I'm just amazed at your diet selections.
I am a first rank carnivore: I kill and eat animals. I don't perpetually hunt by proxy.
Would I eat breaded, lard encased deep fried bacon on a stick? Sure. Once a year. At the State Fair.
BTW, make sure your certificate is made out to you and signed to be sure it's not purloined and authentic.

1:50 PM  

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