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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

As if we need another reason

I was in Kansas City, MO at a rugby tournament when there was a double dose of news: The Saturday Night Massacre and the first Arab Oil Embargo. At that time we imported just over 20% of our daily oil consumption. We now import nearly 60%. And that all arrives via sea lanes.
Investors Business Daily has an article which shows how Congress has made us incredibly vulnerable.
Our good close personal buddy, pro-liberty Hugo Chavez, has invited the Russian Navy to engage in joint naval exercises in the Caribbean. Now, considering that as we import so much of our oil from overseas, this joint exercise points again to why we need to drill now!
That we depend for so much of our oil on the kindness of others that are not favorably disposed to kindly view us and now we face a military threat that could disrupt oil deliveries should move (repeat SHOULD move) the left wing controlled Congress to protect the vital interests of the United States.
My suggestion: write to Amy Klobuchar and cite the IBD article. Write to Norm Coleman and tell him to resign from the Gang of 16. And again cite the IBD article.
If you live in any Congressional district where you have a Democrat representing you, write to them.
Go here to locate the Senators' and Congressmens' addresses.
I just sent the following letter to Senator Klobuchar:


I have just read an alarming article in Investors Business Daily ( ).

Hugo Chavez has invited the Russian Navy to engage in joint naval exercises in the Caribbean.

As the United States now imports nearly 60% of it's oil, the joint naval exercise points to a direct threat to our oil supply via the sea lanes.

This again points to the need to have access to our own domestic oil supplies.

I therefore urge you to eliminate any and all impediments to drilling for oil in any and all areas of the United States. This would include eliminating any and all extreme environmental regulations and sharply reducing frivolous lawsuits against oil production.



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