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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Rush's 20th and a divided nation

All this week Rush has been celebrating his 20th Anniversary. He done some flashbacks, played recordings of people who've called in to congratulate him all week congratulating him on his spectacular radio career.
My first blush with Rush (oh my, the poet comes forth) was in 1993. It was June, just after my Dad had passed away. A number of my friends were asking me if I heard , on the radio, this guy with a strange name. I said no, I hadn't. But one afternoon I tuned in to AM1500 and heard this guy named "Rush" something. Hey. This guy is saying what I'd been thinking and had been taught by my Mom and Dad. Well, I had never had a reason to listen to AM1500, but now was there each day. After Rush came Joe Soucheray who had a brand of what used to be common sense living we called conservatism (Joe called it "Garage Logic" figuring most problems could be logically discussed and figured out in the garage). About a year later a new guy appeared at 5:00pm. His name was (and is) Jason Lewis. Another guy named Dave Thompson filled in over the hours. This was now my entre into talk radio.
Now, here in Minneapolis we have five talk radio stations (six if you count failed 950 Fresh Air). I've left AM1500 behind. Joe Soucheray just got too sophomoric. His "bits" became poor locker humor episodes. He also lost me when he fell over for Carl Pohlad's stadium robbery deal (Joe is also a sports guy over at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He also does NOT live in Hennepin County and so doesn't pay a damn dime for the stadium he wanted). Added to that was when AM1500 lost Jason Lewis and proceeded to shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly with schedule and on air personality changes. So, now I listen to AM1280 , KTLK and Glenn Beck on the internet.
In 1999 I got my first computer. And shortly thereafter I discovered Al Gore's greatest invention (no, not man made global warming, though he has and does vigorously imagine it). No. I mean the internet. And I discovered a whole new world where the MSM didn't reign and didn't control. I found out that Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and their ilk had been either lying or deceiving me and the rest of America. I found that Big Education had created a generation of ignorant bobble head children imbued with hating America. I found that there was truth out there. And I was angry! I could do more research in an hour on the computer that I could in a month in a library. I could email hundreds of people. With a blog I could write my thoughts (BTW, gets well over 1,000 hits a day). The monopoly and the back of the lefts grip on "truth" was broken. I've also bookmarked Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Yon, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute and Hot Air (following my friend Ed Morrissey) just to name a very few.
So, when you hear about a divided America, it's because people like you, people like my brother, my sister,my friends and fellow lovers and defenders of liberty like me have discovered where we can find the truth after having been lied to and deceived for decades.
And we're fighting back.
And it started with Rush.
Congratulations Rush.
And thanks.


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