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Saturday, August 09, 2008

One layer of separation

By now, I'm sure you've read of the murder of Todd Bachman and the vicious assault on his wife Barbara in Beijing where they were attending the Olympics. Todd Bachman was the CEO of Bachmans here in Minneapolis.
You've read my many blogs about the 8th Air Force Historical Society. I was introduced to the Society by the fact that my great uncle John and Larry Bachman were board members at the Masonic Home. Larry flew B-24's in WWII. Larry came back from the war and became an executive of Bachman's.
Todd Bachman is Larry's second cousin (Larry's brother and his only sibling Roy, was killed in WWII in the Pacific). When I heard the news early this morning and heard the last name "Bachman" I only thought fleetingly about a relation to Larry or maybe Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. It wasn't until this afternoon I heard a reference to Bachman's. Larry is my very good friend. I called him immediately after I heard the reference to Bachman's on the radio. We talked a while about the call he got early this morning from his son Dale.
Larry told me that Todd lived next door to Larry and his wife Louise, who recently passed away, and that Louise was nearly a second mother to Todd as his mother worked at the store.
Please remember Todd's family and all the Bachmans in your prayers. And pray for Todd's widow Barbara as she is fighting life threatening wounds.
For more information, Bachman's has established a website.


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