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Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain giveth and McCain taketh away

I'll let you go elsewhere to read how well Senator McCain did against the Pelosi anointed one at Saddleback Church on Saturday. I'd give McCain a solid A. I'd give BHO a solid F...minus. Especially now that he has become such an accomplished liar when it comes to killing babies.
And when Senator McCain gives a straight out, solid, eyes on performance, he then comes out with this:

What the H*** are his campaign advisors thinking?
"Washington is broken". Yup. And you helped break it! "The Original Maverick", "He fought Big Tobacco" and drug companies? He'll fight Big Oil and Wall Street?

Hey-Congratulations guys! I'll bet you get a great big thank you card from Barack Obama's campaign treasurer for saving the BHO campaign a bunch of money by running their campaign ad for them.

Give McCain a huge F double minus for this one.


Anonymous Plumb Bob said...

Gotta say I disagree. It's a great ad.

Look, I have no objection to oil companies prospering, as anyone who reads my blog knows perfectly well, but I'm fully in favor of an administration that clamps down hard on corruption of any sort. And here's the point -- so are most independents.

The Obama campaign is trying to paint McCain as a stooge of Big Oil, and because McCain has this "maverick" reputation, they're not going to be able to.

I'm no great fan of McCain, and I don't think he'll be all that great a President. However, I've adjusted to the reality of American politics in 2008, and that reality is that the Republican "brand" is so badly damaged that any Republican who did not have a reputation as a maverick would lose by 10 points or more in the general election.

Hold your nose and pull that lever. Obama really is that bad.

1:03 PM  

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