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Monday, August 25, 2008

Heller and the 2nd Amendment- the war continues

Dick A. Heller has finally registered his revolver. Heller is the security guard who was refused a permit to have a firearm in Washington D.C. and subsequently sued. The result was the landmark case "Heller v D.C." which resulted in the Supreme Court ruling, for the first time, that the 2nd Amendment guaranteed that right to keep and bear arms is an individual right.
However, as I blogged, that ruling is not and will not be the end of the war against the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution, especially the 10th Amendment.
As the heller article reports:"
Heller recently sued the city again, saying the registration rules adopted by the D.C. government after the ban was overturned are too cumbersome and violate the spirit and letter of the court's decision...."I am not surprised at all. As a matter of fact, the NRA has instituted a number of suits based on Heller. And I applaud them for it.
As I warned, the SCOTUS proclamation on Heller means that the fight will continue in the Congress, legislatures and courts. Heller was only a single victory in a single battle, albeit an important one.
The war on and for liberty: It will never end.
But there seems new energy to press the war forward.


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