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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grab the queen bee

From True North, I came across this link. What I found interesting was the third and second to the last paragraph as a counterpoint to the report of a search warrant served in St. Paul.
Chief states that talking to some MPD officers, he learned that as two uniform officers on bikes approach about a hundred "youths" the "youths" scattered. I wonder why?
The officers went on to say: "
The police said there has been a large dispersal of many hives already, but they will surely re-connect by Monday or Tuesday. They said they have found stockpiles of re-bar rods, 2 x 4s with nails in the ends, buckets of feces, bike locks, hacksaws and other destructive toys of anarchist youth." Rebar, 2x4's with nails? Of real concern for me are the bike locks. They would be used to put across door handles to prevent exiting. And what would prevent one or more of these pukes from throwing a firebomb inside, then locking the door with a bike lock?
I am as concerned about about 4th Amendment rights as anyone. I've repeatedly spoken out against the USA PATRIOT ACT. I despise McCain/Feingold. However, this sign:

does not give these pukes super 4th Amendment protection when it involves them seeking to harm those of us who seek to peaceably assemble for a legal and legitimate purpose.
Reap what you sow.
Bye-bye anarkids!


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