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Monday, April 07, 2008

Mr. Heston

We all read about the passing Charlton Heston this weekend. In October 2002 I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Mr. Heston. MN Conceal Carry Reform Now (MNCCRN/GOCRA) , the organization that got the MN Personal Protection Act passed (erroneously referred to as the conceal /carry act) put together a rally with the NRA for Duluth. We had the top of the Republican ticket there. We thought we'd have maybe 500 attendees there. We had at least 1,500. Wayne LaPierre was there and gave a stock speech that lasted twenty minutes, fifteen minutes too long. He completely forgot who his audience was: Duluth. Union guys. Reagan Democrats. Bowling and beer. LaPierre went on for twenty minutes about Chuck Schumer (silence), Charlie Wrangle (crickets), Barbara Boxer (snore), Hillary Clinton (roar and boos). Fifteen minutes too long. They had come to hear Charlton Heston defend their Second Amendment rights. Not to listen to Wayne LaPierre go on for twenty minutes about politicians they never heard of.
Mr. Heston took the stage to thunderous applause. It was apparent that he was in failing health. The body was frail. But his spirit was incredibly strong. He was committed.Just after his talk, I met and talked with him. Mr. Heston was the very definition of "gentleman": gracious, attentive, soft spoken.
I remember his comments about the upcoming election. He used a story from Ben Hur. He said that he really wanted to do a great chariot race. He knew that it would be the action highlight of the film. So, he was out working with the four horse team, eight hours a day. And a few, well, mishaps occured. Finally , the director took him to one side and said "Uh, Chuck. We appreciate your desire for authenticity in the chariot race. But, look- you're going to win the race. You really are. All you have to do is: stay in the chariot!" In the 2002 election, he told us that we were going to win. All we needed to do was stay in the chariot.
Seems that way too many Republicans have fallen out of the chariot.
Charlton Heston:Another giant from my youth who will be missed.


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