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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Make a difference!

Twila Brase at the Citizens Council on Health Care is doing yeoman's work in dealing with significant health care issues at the MN legislature. Right now, there is an issue that directly asks the question "Who owns you?" The state of MN has kept a blood and DNA sample on every child that has been born in Minnesota since July 1997. No law exists that gives the Minnesota Department of Health the authority to have done that. They just decided to do it! Why? Because they could. Or they thought they could. Or, probably more closer to the truth-"Why not? We're the state!" Not only that, but since 1986, the MDH has been providing DNA to genetic research with out the consent of the owners. In other words, the state of Minnesota believes it owns you and therefore doesn't need your permission to do research on your genetic material. Any questions slaves? The DFL seems to think not. And best you not ask any questions of your true owners.
The legislature is now deciding on an opt in clause that would give parents the power over who has their children's genetic material. Another vote would destroy all samples that were collected illegally without consent.
Go here and fill out the online petition that lets the governor know that privacy is important to you. That the state doesn't own you. That you own you.


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