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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Trust me, I never____ with_____ and I would not____"

With all the flap over Pastor/Reverend/Mentor/Uncle Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama denying that he ever heard any such sermon, Senator Obama is asking me to "suspend my disbelief" (Sorry Hillary. It was just to great a quote not to use).
I've been a member of a large suburban church for nineteen years. We've had three pastors in that time. One is my spiritual mentor. For me, within a year, I knew how each one of them viewed the world.
Senator Obama wants be to believe that he never heard any of
Pastor/Reverend/Mentor/Uncle Jeremiah Wright's inflammatory, hate filled sermons. He wants me to believe that after he never heard any of these sermons, that he never heard another parishoner/church member mention to Barack "Wow! Did you hear, what did you think of Pastor Wright's sermon on _________?" And Sen. Obama expects me to believe that never happened. He wants me to believe that he never knew his mentor harbored and expanded and elaborated on these "black liberation theology" concepts? And did so in a very public way? In the church Senator Obama was a member of for twenty years?
Well, it appears that Senator Obama now needs to "man-up" with the consequences of his choice.


Anonymous Steve Olson said...

Hey AmendmentX,

I started a blog too at Just thought I'd let you and your readers know. Mostly small government/libertarian stuff. Got some readers already too. Feel free to stop by and comment anytime.

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